Star Wars: Who Were the Jedi Temple Guards?

In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, for the first time, Jedi Temple guards appeared. These stalwart guardians wielded yellow-bladed lightsaber pikes and hid their identities behind masks and identical robes. 

How Jedi Temple Guards Were Appointed

"To be a Temple Guard is not a specialty or a profession. It is a sacred duty, to which any Jedi Knight, or Master, may be summoned."―Kolloma Ree

The Jedi Temple Guard was a security force maintained by the Jedi Order and tasked with the protection of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, the capital planet of the Galactic Republic. An ancient and honored tradition in Jedi history, the Temple Guards were Jedi Knights pulled from the ranks to become anonymous sentinels as part of their lifelong commitment to the Order. Concealed within formal robes and a mask, the life of a guardsman was a higher calling that demanded absolute emotional detachment. 

Upon joining the Temple Guard, Jedi donned white and gold masks and armored brown robes.

The Jedi Temple Guard armor robes incorporated layers of armorweave to provide them with an effective defense against blaster bolts and lightsabers.The mask contained a comlink and a scanner located in the helmet. 

Temple Guards carried lightsaber pikes—thick, imposing lightsaber variant similar in design to the double-bladed lightsaber; in that it was a staff-shaped weapon that featured two rare and distinctive yellow plasma blades projecting from either end.

Some Temple Guards also had a single-bladed variation. Each lightsaber was assigned to the guards in order to help maintain the anonymity of their ranks.

Jedi Temple Guards-Lightsaber-Pike
Jedi Temple Guards-Lightsaber-Pike-1

This is the only known force in Star Wars that uses the yellow lightsaber.

Despite being among the greatest warriors in the Jedi Order, the Temple Guards fell on the same night as the rest of the Jedi, when Anakin Skywalker led the 501st Legion in an attack on the Temple during Order 66. 


How does one become a Jedi Temple Guard?

Jedi are selected for their neutrality and dedication, undergoing specialized training to become Temple Guards.

Do Jedi Temple Guards ever return to regular duties within the Jedi Order?

Once committed, Jedi Temple Guards typically serve until they are no longer able, rarely returning to their previous roles.

What happens to a Jedi Temple Guard's lightsaber if they leave the service?

Their yellow lightsaber is returned to the Jedi archives, maintaining the anonymity and continuity of the service.

Can Jedi Temple Guards participate in battles outside the Temple?

While primarily defenders of the Temple, they can be called upon for missions requiring their unique skills and impartiality.

Are there female Jedi Temple Guards?

Yes, the service of Temple Guards is open to all Jedi, regardless of gender, based solely on their qualifications and commitment.

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